Crime, Drama, Thriller, Black comedy, Detective, Based on a true story


Booksmart SOPHIA, and her smartass best friend MORGAN are furious when their biology teacherDANIELLE gives them bad test grades that may hurt their college applications. When Sophia learns that her psychologist FATHER has taken Danielle on as a patient, the girls plot “teenage revenge” by eavesdropping on their teacher’s darkest confessions. Danielle reveals her horror over a spree killer posting smartphone videos of women being killed by electrocution. As the killer releases more videos that cause a viral sensation, Danielle predicts she’ll be one of the killer’s future victims. When the girls publicly reveal Danielle’s strange secrets to their classmates, they unintentionally attract the attention of the killer, leading to a shocking climax where Danielle’s fear of electrocution may come true.



Paul Brown
Diane Dunne


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